As I get close to release

As I get closer to the release I sort of wanted to meditate on everything. I found myself incredibly worried about marketing the progress of the game during development, and halfway through had to just stop and work on it. I think that will be a healthier way to go forward with the full Boulder Mage game. Set a schedule for updates, and update all social media at once. Leave twitter alone as far as content creation. 

Choosing to close the scope was important too. I wanted multiple types of enemies, but it was either sacrifice enemy types for other polish. I figured this was small enough that just rats was OK since there was the slimes and the boss battle.

I wish the boss battle was harder and more intricate, but I think I did pretty good in two weeks.

If this was a game I was going to flesh out entirely I would have been way more careful in my coding. A lot of the code was thrown together to work, but would be very hard to expand on. I tried to use actions in the beginning to make it clean, but dirty and fast won out since I only had 2 weeks.
I also planned on all the assets fitting within a couple 128x128 sprite sheets. I think it all ended up on 3-4 sheets with the exception of the story, and boss. I think if I knew I had more time I could have cleaned the sprites up more to fit within the sprite sheets, but again that was a made up thing for me to practice with assets on one PNG.

Getting the sound to work was fun. I have never been able to get sound to work properly in games.

Sticking to goals and making notes throughout the game was important. I have wild sketches on my ipad of like "THIS NEEDS TO HAPPEN vs THIS SHOULD HAPPEN, vs IF EVERYTHING GOES PERFECT THIS NEEDS TO HAPPEN" as well as drawing out a map beforehand and filling it rather than going willy nilly along the way. Anyone who played Peasants in a Dungeon might notice that it's the same map just turned 90 degrees. A little homage to my past project. 
There's probably more to write, but I have coding to do. Until next time

Lorenzo Moon

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