ARROWS, Z and X are my go to.
Hold ENTER while in the dungeon to see other available controls.

This game was created for the #LOSPECJAM1. It will be officially released on July 24th but if you're cool and are here before then, it's playable right now.

Sleeping under a favorite tree, our hero is visited by the arch nemesis MAGUS. The Magus sees this as an opportunity to seize control and take our hero into the depths of a nightmare.

In Boulder Mage and the Eternal Nightmare, you play as Boulder Mage trying to escape from his own nightmare. Using your handy staff you can control water droplets found in the sewers. Press and hold SWING to collect water, once you have 5 you can flood the entire stage of those pesky rats. Using JUMP you can jump in midair, and also jump as you slide down walls. It seems Magus has cursed any room with enemies in them and you cannot continue until all enemies are defeated. Can you stop The Magus? ...or will you forever be stuck in an ETERNAL NIGHTMARE?

I am the sole developer and started work on this game on July 10th of 2021. The story is a non-canon offshoot of my large project "Boulder Mage" but does not directly feature any gameplay from the larger project. The large sprites featured in the opening were art pieces I modified from another project to fit the rules, but the animation was created for this game. All sprites within the dungeon were made during the jam. 99% of the code is brand new with some minor exceptions from previous projects. I poured my heart into this one, I hope you all enjoy it.

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
AuthorL.D. Moon Studio
TagsArcade, Metroidvania


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amazing one , the music stands allot , the art is  cute , the polish is well done , simply an amazing submission


Thank you! This honestly made my day. <3


So glad to finally get to play Boulder Mage!!! I loved the story, and the art and music are amazing! My only complaint is that I wish there was more indication where the room transitions were because I would always forget.  Otherwise, super solid and I'm looking forward to more!

I love this game!


absolutely amazing!

Thank you! That means a lot.